Professional Stump Grinding & Removal Service

Once a tree is removed from your property, the leftover stump can be an eyesore and potential tripping hazard. Clean Cut Tree Solutions offers professional stump grinding to completely eliminate stumps and allow you to replant in that area.
Our powerful stump grinders can grind away even the largest, most stubborn stumps. We’ll grind the stump down several inches below the ground, leaving just a small area of wood chips that can be raked out or planted over.

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Benefits of Our Stump Grinding Service

Many property owners make the mistake of thinking they can remove a stump themselves after cutting down a tree. However, this is extremely difficult and labor-intensive work without specialized stump grinding equipment.

Why struggle when Clean Cut's professional stump removal service makes it easy?

We can grind out stumps as part of a complete tree removal, or remove pre-existing stumps on their own. Our team has the proper machinery and safety gear to fully grind down stumps quickly and affordably. No stump is too big or too old for our tree stump grinders!

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Don’t let ugly stumps ruin the look of your yard. Contact Clean Cut Tree Solutions for professional stump grinding service to make those stumps disappear! We offer free quotes on affordable stump removal in your area.


We’ll grind the entire stump down 6-8 inches below grade so just a shallow area of wood chips is left, which can be raked out or replanted over.

Yes, once the stump is ground away there will be some leftover wood chips in the hole area. We can rake these up if desired for an additional fee.

After grinding, the area where the stump was will be level and prepped for new landscaping or planting once the wood chips are raked out or replanted over.

Absolutely! We can grind out existing stumps that remain after homeowners have attempted to cut down trees themselves. No stump is too old for our grinders.

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